Be “Both/And”!

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Many of us do not like complexity; we like things simple. Highly educated and intelligent are just as guilty of such mentalities as anyone else. We create categories and assert falsely that they are necessarily opposed to one another. They myth of “race” is one such category that we have created in our temporal life. This is even more the case when it comes to the Church. We think in terms of “Pre-Vatican II and Post Vatican II” Catholics, as if Vatican II was a complete break from the previous 1,930 years in the Church and Revelation of God. We divide our allegiances in our parishes between the “Liturgy people vs. the Social Justice people” even though without the Liturgy our actions in social justice tends toward emptiness, and without taking social action in society to serve others, our reception of the Eucharist borders blasphemy. There are those who argue for a solely “Gospel-centric” Catholicism, ignoring the other books of the New Testament and the entirety of the Old Testament, reducing all we should focus on are the words and stories of Christ. However, without the other books we cannot fully understand and appreciate the Gospels. If our only reference point to determine right action and thought in this life are the Four Gospels then we also deny every other revealed truth that was not recorded in Sacred Scripture but was still handed to us by God through the Apostles. Every word Christ spoke is not written in the Gospels. If this were the case then Jesus really didn’t speak very much in his three years of ministry (roughly 2000 words are attributed to Jesus in the Bible). Every truth revealed to humanity out of love of the Father is not recorded in the Gospels, or even the Bible. If we want to be honest about what God desires of us, we have to be more comfortable with complexity, with a “both/and” attitude and not an “either/or” attitude. We have to be more comfortable entrusting ourselves to Christ by entrusting ourselves to the Church that he established and continues to guide and guard.


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