Relax, do good, avoid evil, and Holy Mother Church will be just fine

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I know a lot of people who get upset when they hear others argue that the Catholic Church needs to “get with the times” and change Her teachings in order to remain relevant in the “modern” world. I almost always have an internal chuckle at such comments because the Catholic Church is the oldest institution on Earth and has outlived every “modern” society without having to worry about changing fundamental doctrines. She has outlived the Roman Empire; Han dynasty, Sassanid Empire, British, Spanish, Portuguese, and French Empires, Ummayad Caliphate, Mongol Empire, Soviet Union, and will continue to outlive all “modern” societies. Her stability and longevity is because She has remained faithful to the truth, especially those revealed truths that came directly from God, not by molding herself “to the times.” Her truths are eternal and so they stand the test of time. Why get mad? The Church wont “get with the times” in the way that many people would like because She knows better than the times. G.K. Chesterton once said (paraphrasing) “there are no new heresies, only old heresies wrapped in new packages.” Much of what people want the Church to change, to “get with the times” are simply old heresies in new packaging. Those heresies failed in the past, they will fail today, they will fail tomorrow because error decays, and truth remains. Don’t worry about Holy Mother Church, She will care for the Deposit of Faith. Instead, worry about whether or not you are truly living up to Her teachings. Worry about whether or not you are truly living a loving relationship with Christ; whether or not you are living a loving and merciful relationship with all of humanity. Do good, avoid evil. God will continue to guide and guard the Church; we must continue to follow His commands.


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