Month: June 2013

Into Your Hands Lord: A Catholic Companion to Dying and Hospice Care

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My book “Into Your Hands Lord: A Catholic Companion to Dying and Hospice Care” is now available at createspace. Go to: to order your copy today. This book discusses end-of-life care decisions like feeding tubes, pain medications, seeking forgiveness, preparing for death and many other issues. This book includes the imprimatur, stating it is free of doctrinal and moral errors according to Holy Mother Church.

Over the past several years I have had many personal experiences with hospice care; most recently as a hospice chaplain. The families and patients I work with kept asking the same questions and I thought it would be helpful to compose a companion for Catholic families. This book is both a scripture reflection, a prayer book, and a plain language approach to Catholic healthcare morality/ethics with regards to the dying process.


Sad, but true.

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When the Church says “do this, it will be good for you… Don’t do that, it will harm you and others” people protest, get irate and say “how dare you”. But when Oprah, Dr. Phil or the women of The View tell people what to do, it is as if God himself proclaimed such words from a burning bush. People take these celebrities’ uneducated, unsupported opinions over that of the Holy Spirit and the Church. This is a sad, but true, commentary on our contemporary society.